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    Cleaning & Janitorial Services

    Commercial Cleaning

    Retail Stores

    First impressions play a major role in the success of retail locations. A grocery store that looks clean will encourage customers to return. It is precisely in response to this particular need, that over the years PR Maintenance has developed a real expertise in cleaning and maintaining services for retail facilities.

    Luxury Condos

    In order to reflect the expectations of this clientele, cleaning and maintenance services for a luxury condominium building must convey respect, with a sense of calmness and professionalism. As a trustworthy provider recognized in the building maintenance industry, PR Maintenance provides a sought-after service carried out by an experienced team that will execute the expectations of this high-end clientele.

    Office Buildings

    PR Maintenance has made a name for itself as a partner for success in the field of office building management. By understanding and paying attention to the demands of a clientele with a wide variety of needs, and by means of its integrated services, our cleaning and building maintenance company is able to put professional teams in place that can help you make your building really energy efficient and environmentally friendly, while at the same time providing you with peace of mind.


    Healthcare Facilities

    Cleaning and maintenance of healthcare facilities constitutes an entire field of expertise all on its own, as these services need to be carried out in accordance with very strict rules and standards. From collection of waste materials to disinfecting, everything to do with maintaining these types of premises must be undertaken by a knowledgeable, experienced team in this field.

    Educational Facilities

    Universities have their own set of special needs and requirements in terms of regular cleaning and maintenance due to the sheer number of visitors and users at their facilities. Campuses are much like actual cities with their many different amenities and therefore require skilled personnel to perform their cleaning and maintenance duties to meet those specific needs. PR Maintenance’s expertise provides superior facility cleaning and maintenance services to Universities and institutions of higher education.


    Food Manufacturing Plants

    Industrial maintenance and cleaning of food manufacturing plants are essential. Due to the strict standards and guidelines set out for sanitation and cleanliness (for example, HACCP standards), these plants must undergo consistent disinfection and sanitation procedures, and take appropriate measures for pest and bacteria control. As a reliable and trustworthy partner in the field of industrial cleaning for several decades, PR Maintenance has been able to develop immense proficiency in cleaning and maintaining food manufacturing plants.

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